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maths , science, bm , bi, mandarin


22th Mar KL Selangor JOBS, Selangor


1 class(es) a week


2 hour(s) a class



22th March 2018

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jalan cokmar 2e, taman Mutiara bukit raja, 41050 klang.selangor

a) English. Std 2 & 3. (2 in 1 class). SJKC
RM40/hour. 1.5 hours/week. RM240/month
Mon, wed n fri 7:30pm-9 or 9:30pm

b) English Std 4. SJKC
RM40/hour. 1.5 hours/week. RM240/month
Tue Thur 7:30pm – 9 or 9:30pm, Saturday after 4pm

tutor who can explain in chinese only. Start ASAP.


Tiara Duta Condo, Tmn Putra Sulaiman, 68000 Ampang
Mathematics (In bahasa) Form 5
RM55/hour. 1.5 hours/week. RM330/month.
Wednesday or Thursday: 6.00-7.30pm
Malay female tutor only, preferably school teacher,had experience in teaching SPM and answering techniques.
start ASAP. need to send profile.


Jalan SP 2/6 56100 Cheras tmn segar perdana.
English, Form 1 UEC. Chinese boy (no need to follow syllabus)
RM45/hour. 2 days x 1.5hours/week. RM540/month
Wed, Thurs: 8.30pm
English educated tutor only preferably male. start ASAP.

note: pay after each session. Speak English only during class. No need follow UEC syllabus, teach grammar, language and speaking.


near leisure mall, Cheras
bm,bi,bc, math. Std 2. SJKC
RM35/hour. 5 days x 1.5hours/week. RM1050/month.
Mon-Fri: at 8pm
Chinese female tutor only. start ASAP.

note: preferably same tutor, but can be 2 different tutors.


Jalan Puteri 8/3, Bandar Puteri 47100 Puchong Selangor
Introduction to Object Oriented Programming – Pre-U Level 1 (until 30 Jun only). APU University Year 1
RM100/hour. 2 hours/week. RM800/month.
Every Tue or Fri – 4pm-6pm / 6pm-8pm / 7pm-9pm.
Experienced tutor and committed tutor only. start ASAP


Tower 1, Icon city, pj
bm, bi , bc ,math and science. Std 6 UPSR. SJKC.
RM50/hour. 2 days x 2 hour/week. RM800/month
Sun 2-4pm or Sat 10-2pm / 2-4pm
Chinese tutor only. start ASAP.

note: can be 2 different tutors.


Seri Kembangan, Taman Equine
Mathematic/ BM. Std 1,3 (2 in 1 class). SRJK (C) Han Ming Puchong
RM50/hour. 2 days x 1.5hours/week. RM600/month.
Mon/ Thurs: start at 3pm
Chinese female tutor. start April.


Jalan Satu B, Kampung Cheras Baru, 56100 Kuala Lumpur
Maths, English, BM & Chinese. Std 5 SJKC
RM40/hour. 2 days x 2hours/week. RM640/month.
Mon-Fri: 5pm
Chinese tutor only. start April.

note: one hour one subject. can be different tutors. Need to send profile.


Mutiara 3, Sungai Long,
BM, BC. Year 3 International syllabus
RM40/hour. 2 days x 1.5hours/week. RM480/month.
Wed, Fri: 7pm
Chinese tutor only, not too young. start April.

note: learn from basic. syllabus. one day two subject. same tutor only.


kota kemuning Shah Alam
science year 5. IGCSE International school syllabus
RM60/hour. 1.5hours/week. RM360/month.
Sat 11am only.
female tutor only. start April.
need to send profile.


Verticas Residensi Jalan Ceylon, KL
English (First Language). Year 11 IGCSE Edexcel (Exam on May 2018 )
RM100/hour. 1.5hours/week. RM600/month.
Monday’s from 4pm
Good patience tutor only, who is familiar with edexcel syllabus and exam papers only.
start ASAP. need to send profile.


Jalan Gajah 13, Kg. Kubu Gajah, Sg. Buloh
BM Std 6. KSSR. Malay Kid
RM45/hour. 1.5 hours/week. RM270/month.
Tuesday to friday 8pm.
Experienced & well-versed syllabus Female tutor only.
Start ASAP. Need to send profile.

whatsapp JOB ID & Subjects to 0124449510 to apply, for more jobs, visit >>> to apply jobs.

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Ms Tan (Posted Job) (1 review)

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2018-03-22 11:31:09
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