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Geo, Sejarah, Form 2. Chinese , BM. English. Maths Science. St, Science (include Physic, Bio, , BI Form 1 , Chinese girl, Science (in English), Std 6, S


5th Dec Selangor Tuition Jobs., Selangor


16 class(es) a week


16 hour(s) a class



5th December Tuition Jobs.

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Selayang Point Condominium, Selayang
Geo, Sejarah, Form 2. Chinese girl, SMK
RM45/hour. 2 hours/week. RM360/month..
Weekdays:7.30pm onwards.
Prefer young female (less than 35 y/o)
Start middle Dec.

NOTE: want to have an interactive, fun class. Need to send profile.


Jalan Hijau Alam U9/14H, Cahaya SPK, Seksyen U9, Shah Alam
BM. English. Maths Science. Std 6 (2018). SK. (2 in 1 class)
RM50/hour. 4 days x 2hours/week. RM1600/month.
Weekdays evening from 8pm onward.
Female tutor only. Start ASAP.


Aman Suria, Damansara, PJ
Science (include Physic, Bio, Chem). Form 1, UEC syllabus. Kuan Cheng Student.
RM50/hour. 1.5hours/week. RM300/month.
Monday: 7.30pm ONLY. (time to be discussed)
Experienced Chinese female tutor who is good at Science ONLY and updated to the syllabus.
Start Dec. Need to send profile.


Jalan Hujan Bubuk, Taman Overseas Union, 58200 KL.
BI Form 1 , Chinese girl
RM45/hour. 1.5hours/week. RM270/month.
Tues/ Wed: 11am-3pm (only for Dec, time may change when school reopen)
Experienced female tutor only, preferably with English-educated background.
Start Dec.

NOTE: Can accept if not English-educated tutor, but need to converse in English ONLY during the class.


Sunway Damansara, PJ.
Science (in English), Std 6, SK
RM45/hour. 1.5hours/week. RM270/month
Monday to Thursday evening: 5pm onwards
Prefer experienced female school teacher
Start Jan.

NOTE: can accept experienced tutor if not school teacher. (Need to see profile first)


Jalan Pegaga U12/9A, Desa Alam Seksyen U12, 40170 Shah Alam
Science, Math, BI. Std 5. (SK) Malay girl
RM40/hour. 2hours/week. RM320/month.
Weekdays: 7.30pm onwards
Need experienced Chinese or Indian tutor who is good at teaching Math&Science only.
Prefer school teacher first. Start Jan.


jalan PJU 3/41, sunway damansara (Tuition Centre)
1)STD 6 (2-5 pax in 1 class)
RM35/hour. 4 days x 1 hour/week. RM560/month
Tue: 5.45pm -6.45pm maths(SJKC)
Thurs: 4.30pm-5.30pm eng (SJKC/SK)
Fri: 4pm-5pm science(SJKC)
5.15-6.15pm Chinese (SJKC)
Chinese tutor only. prefer 1 tutor to take all subjects above.

2)maths (form 5) (2-4pax in 1 class)
RM50/hour. 1 hour 25 mins/ week. RM300/month
Weekdays 4.30pm-5.55pm (except friday), Sat 4pm-5.25pm, Sun 10-11.25pm
prefer Experienced tutor.


Mont Kiara, KL.
Science (In English). Std 4. SJKC, Chinese Boy
RM40/hour. 1.5hours/week. RM240/month.
Monday 2-5pm ONLY.
Experienced Chinese, preferably female tutor.
Start Jan.

NOTE: Tutor should focus on teaching and explain well about concept, not just doing exercise.


Bangsar Puteri Condo, Jalan Medang Serai Bukit Bandaraya, Bangsar.
All subjects (Homeowork guidance) Year 5. Syllabus. International school, Indian Girl.
RM40/hour x 3 days x 1.5hour/week. RM720/month.
Mon & Fri: 4.30-6pm ONLY, Thurs: 7.30pm onwards ONLY
female tutor, who is experienced, older, patience, responsible and consistent. Start ASAP.

NOTE: Tutor should assist in doing homeowork, not just give answer directly. Do revision if have extra time, especially in BC subject.


Persiaran Jermerlang Kuning, Sierramas
Maths (in Chinese), BM, BI – Std 6 (SJKC), Chinese girl.
RM45/hour. 2 days x 1.5 hour. RM540/month.
Dec: Any day, except Friday (11am-6pm)
Jan: Mon-Thurs (7pm onwards) or Weekend (2pm-7pm)
Prefer experienced Chinese tutor who knows how to attract student’s attention in the lesson and understand children psychology. Start after 19 Dec.

NOTE: Math (1.5 hour), BM, BI (1.5hour- include BC if possible)


Mutiara Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur
BC, Maths, BM. Std 3. SJKC. Chinese girl.
RM40/hour. 2days x 1.5hours/week. RM480/month.
BC, Maths, Std 3. SJKC. Chinese girl.
Wednesday & Friday. 4.30pm
Prefer experienced tutor, preferably school teacher.Start Jan.


Jln indah 1/2 ,Desa Indah Nilai , Negeri Sembilan

a) Chemistry, Physics. Form 5. SMK. Indian girl.
RM55/hour. 2days x 2 hours/week. RM880/month.
Sat / Sun 10 – 1 pm ONLY.
Very much well.versed with the current system for SPM, good and responsible tutor above aged 30. Start Dec. Need to send profile. Need to have 1 trial class.

b) Math. Form 1. SMK. Indian kid.
RM45/hour. 2 hours/week. RM360/month.
Weekday after 7pm.
Very much well.versed with the current system for SPM, good and responsible tutor above aged 30. Start Dec. Need to send profile. Need to have 1 trial class.

Note: When school holiday timing flexible


Taman Meranti Jaya, Puchong.
Engineering Law. Year 4 Mechanical Engineering. UTAR (Degree)
RM120/hour. 1.5hours/week. RM720/month.
Saturday: after 5pm ONLY. (time to be discussed if Sat cannot)
Start Jan.


Bukit Sg Long, Sg Long.
Biology. Year 11. IGCSE. Mock exam in Jan 2018. Actual exam in June 2018.
RM80/hour. 1.5hours/week. RM480/month.
Tue Wed start 5.30pm.
Well-versed in syllabus Chinese female tutor ONLY. Start ASAP.


Jalan 4/1 Lake Vista Taman Tasik Prima, Puchong.
BM, BI, Math (In BI). Std 1 & Std 2. (2 in 1) SK Malay Girls.
RM50/hour. 2 days x 2 hours/week. RM800/month.
Weekdays: 7.30pm onwards or Sun: 10am-12pm.
female tutor only. Start Jan.


Tuition Center:
1) Bandar utama, near 培才2华校
2) bandar bukit jalil , near 黎明华小

BI, BM, BC Std 1-6. SJKC (Long Term)

COMISSION.(Based on experienced)
Weekdays 1.00- 7.00PM (Public holiday off)
Min 1 years experienced. Female (Indian or Chinese) tutor only. Start Jan

NOTE: Can be different tutor for different subject. Need to interview tutor first.

Please Whatsapp Job ID and subjects to +60124449510 . To get more jobs from us, visit >>>

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2017-12-05 20:25:27
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