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10th February 2012

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Form 4 - 5, Others

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A-level and IGCSE Chemistry

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KL and Selangor

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PhD (Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya)

Bachelor Degree of Applied Chemistry (University of Malaya)
First Class Honour (CGPA 3.92)
Ajax Chemical Book Prize (The Most Excellent Chemistry Graduate)
Right Teacher Can Cast A Spell

I am able to explain complicated theories in layman’s terms, making it easy to understand.

As a chemistry tuition teacher over the past 10 years, I have extensive experience helping various students
🎯 Improve in grade tremendously and hence confidence levels in learning
🎯 Know how to learn effectively and solve problems independently, and benefit from these skills in their undergraduate studies
🎯 Have better understanding and thus better interest in Chemistry
Self Description
Lessons are delivered through notes that are well-structured which contain ALL and ONLY essential points required for examination
🎯 Concise and organized study note helps student to understand a concept easier
🎯 Save time during revision period

Notes are in the form of fill in the keyword
🎯 Encourage students to apply what they have learnt in school
🎯 Ensure that they stay attentive to my explanation
🎯 Engage student to response/discuss and stay active
🎯 Make students aware of the key concept that they should master

Instead of spoon feeding students by showing them the working directly, indications are given to lead them to derive the answer themselves
🎯 Train them to be observant enough to identify useful info from the questions
🎯 Equip them with the skill of analysing data
🎯 Make them think of how to utilize info from the questions and also what they have learnt to solve the problems


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