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4th January 2012

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Primary, Form 1 - 3, Form 4 - 5, Others

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UPSR: Bahasa, English, Mathematics, Science, & Tamil
FORM 1-3: Bahasa, English, Geography, Kemahiran Hidup, Sejarah, Mathematics & Science
FORM 4&5 :Modern Mathematics, Biology, Sejarah.
Languange classes: Malay & Tamil

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First Class Honours Degree in Bsc.Biotechnology and currently pursuing PhD in USM,Penang.
I have almost 8 years teaching experience and more focus in student's foundation, study method and learning attitude.
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Ability to find out weaknesses of student in learning and help them to overcome them to strive in their exam by providing mind-maps,past year examination questions from all states of Malaysia.Usually I will prepare the notes for the tuition classes myself for selected subjects,sometimes refer to school textbooks and I will also print out a few questions/exercises to do after I teach each topic.At the end,I will give a mid-year examination and final exam to assess the overall progress of the student.Some of my teaching methodology will be using laptop with the aid of animation.Important point will be highlighted, extra information and exam tips will be provided for the student. The SPEED of teaching will be based on the student level of mastery.


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