Mr. Jonathan was my addmath tuition teacher for year 10 and 11, preparing me for the IGCSE exam. I started his tuition early into my year 10, and since then he has been helping me improve, fine tuning my skills and answering techniques. During his tuitions, he would always be very encouraging and understanding. Sometimes, he would teach me methods that are not taught in school, but are applicable and more efficient. He will also explain when i should use it, and why it works. With the help of Mr. Jonathan. I started as a C student to getting an A in my IGCSE exams.

Thank you, Mr Jonathan.

when i first started my tuition with mr jonathan for add maths, i was already clear on most of the concepts but his classes introduced me to more complex problems which allowed me to expand my knowledge in the final stretch of igcse prep. thank you sir!

Mr Jonathan.

I have had Mr. Jonathan as my math tuition teacher since form 4. Throughout the years of having classes with him , there is a huge improvement in my grades from math being my weakest subject to one of my strongest. Even after high school, I had classes with him to help me with advanced functions in College. I’m happy to say that my marks for advanced functions was good and consistent throughout the semester. I got to achieve a high mark for advanced functions way past my expectations. I am very grateful to Mr. Jonathan because he would patient and would always make sure I understand the concept and apply it on the math questions/problem solving.

Thank you Mr Jonathan! All the best.

I had Maths and Science tuition with Mr. Jonathan for more than 5 years.

It was before the UPSR exam when my parents decided to give Mr. Jonathan a go as my grades were fluctuating, especially for Maths and Science.

Since then, he has helped me drastically by providing useful tips and top notch predictions. Furthermore, Mr. Jonathan worked hard to search for up-to-date books and worksheets as my batch had to undertake a completely new syllabus.

As a result, I began to consistently get an A for both Maths and Science. As a result, I achieved straight A’s for my PT3 and 9A* for my 2021 Oct/Nov IGCSES. Words cannot express how grateful I am for having Mr. Jonathan as my teacher.

Thank you Mr. Jonathan, and all the best.

I had maths and science tuition with Mr. Jonathan for more than 5 years. It was before UPSR when my parents decided to give Mr. Jonathan a go as my grades were fluctuating, especially for maths and science. Since then, he has helped me drastically by providing useful tips and top notch predictions. Furthermore, Mr. Jonathan worked hard to search for up-to-date books and worksheets as my batch had to undertake a completely new syllabus. As a result, I began to consistently get an A for both maths and science. Moreover, I achieved straight A’s for my PT3 and 9A* for my IGCSES. Words cannot express how grateful I am for having Mr. Jonathan as my teacher. Thank you Mr. Jonathan, and all the best.

I first met Mr. Jonathan before my UPSR exam. I was not a maths lover nor a top scorer then. My grades were fluctuating, especially in maths and science. Since my first class with him, I improved drastically through knowledge and numerous methods. Due to insufficient time however, I only managed to score a B for both maths and science in UPSR. Therefore, my parents and I decided to continue with Mr. Jonathan after observing progress in my grades.

I continued to learn maths and science with Mr. Jonathan up until PT3. Throughout my PT3 days, Mr. Jonathan played an enormous role in adapting me towards middle school math as it was quite a massive jump from the UPSR syllabus to the PT3 syllabus. Furthermore, my batch which is the 2004 batch was the first batch to undertake the new syllabus with vast changes occuring. Even so, Mr. Jonathan worked hard to find up-to-date workbooks that were not used in schools which helped me a ton. In the end, I was able to score an A for both maths and science, and even got straight A’s for my PT3! This surprising result connotes how much Mr. Jonathan has done for me.

Then came post PT3. My parents decided to send me to an international school; hence, taking IGCSES. I continued to be with Mr. Jonathan without a doubt due to my outstanding PT3 results. Throughout Year 10 and Year 11, I consistently got an A* for both maths and add maths as I started with Mr. Jonathan since day one. With a myriad of useful tips and top notch predictions as well as completing many sheets of past year papers, I managed to get an A* for both maths and add maths. Moreover, I acquired 9A* for my IGCSES which also included all of the sciences except for biology. Words cannot express how grateful I am for having Mr. Jonathan as my teacher.

mr jonathan

maths has always been my weakest subject since primary school, i had a hard time understanding topics, solving questions because i did not have the right person to guide me. thanks to mr jonathan, my grades for maths has improved from a D to an A. because of mr jonathan, i could understand the topics easily and with repetitive exercises, my grades have improved tremendously in 2+ years. mr jonathan could also solve all the challenging questions and could give me an easy explanation. mr jonathan has encouraged me to work harder and smarter to achieve good results. now, maths has become a subject that i find enjoyable.

Mr Jonathan has been a amazing math teacher and have guided me tremendously although it was a short period of time, his passion for teaching as well as the bond he builds with his students is like nothing I've ever seen or knew to be possible with a tutor. He managed to make not only feel like a teacher but also a friend at the same time. He really helped motivate me at times when I really wanted to give up and I just felt like I could never catch up. Tremendous help for my Calculus and Advanced functions at my foundation. I truly managed to exceed and excelled tremendously and surpassed everyone's expectation of me in doing both of these add math topic with not much of a math background at high school and ended up with an A.

Thank you very much for everything Mr Jonathan!
All the best!

Hi Teacher Jonathan,
at first I have no confidence in my maths skills but thanks to you I was able to overcome it and find an interest in it. You have helped me to think how to solve an issue beyond the maths and add maths under the syallbus . You have been very patient and caring and I'm extremely grateful you made Additional Maths mode fun and enjoyable to learn something what my teachers struggle with. You also taught me how to view a problem during the back and forth discussion which helped me out in my foundation years and hopefully in the future as well.

My name is Ariez Rashaad bin Azizullaili and I used to think Mathematics was one of the most difficult subjects, but that all changed when I met Teacher Jonathan. You see, I used to aim to just get a C for Maths and I was known by my friends for not being able to do maths. After I started studying with Teacher Jonathan, in less than 3 months l started catching up in class and after a while I was the one who started teaching my friends. Maths became one of my favourite subjects after he started teaching me. It is very easy to understand what he is teaching and he is also a fun guy to talk to, he is very caring and he will do everything he can to make sure you get good grades. I was more motivated to practice maths and even my school teacher noticed it. My school teacher stopped worrying for me and started believing in me so l felt empowered. In just 5 months Teacher Jonathan changed my average C to an A and I dont know what l wouldve done without him. From the bottom of my heart I truly believe Teacher Jonathan is one of the best Maths teachers. If you are struggling to do Maths I'd recommend you to give him a chance to teach you.

Ariez Rashaad, Petaling Jaya

I was doing quite badly in Add Maths, consistently getting low marks and never do well in the first assessment exam in Year 10. This obviously made me anxious and panic as IGCSE levels were drawing near. Every single of Mr. Jonathan's lessons is well thought-out and structured to deliver the most within the limited time. With his thorough understanding of the IGCSE curriculum, he is able to cover the contents extensively yet pick out the very essential points that frame each topic perfectly. This makes it much easier to understand the application of concepts and also serves as a convenient source of refrence during revision. The lessons were well paced and comfortable to be in if there were any questions which I could always openly consult him. He's extremely responsive and quick to address them; especially the common errors and the misconceptions of applications. I progressively got better, moving to a B from D for Addmaths and then ultimately getting a A* for my 2019 Oct/Nov IGCSE exam : from a hopeless D to an unthinkable A*. Would definitely recommend Mr. Jonathan to anyone who's looking for a knowledgeable, resourceful experienced and dedicated tutor!

Chia Al Veen, Setia Alam

Hi Teacher Jonathan, I would like to express my gratitude to you for helping me get distinctions (A*) for both IGCSE 2019 May Addmaths and Maths !

I think I told you before that Math used to be my weakest subject when I was in primary school and lower secondary. I was always struggling with it and only managed to scrape a pass during exams. Nonetheless, things changed when I joined your Math tuition in Year 10. My results improved tremendously and I also began to find Maths a more enjoyable subject.

Thanks a lot for being so patient with me and going through the extra mile to help me understand the complex Maths concepts! I am especially grateful that whenever I did not understand how to do a particular question (which happened quite often), you would explain things to me step-by-step and show me the different methods to tackle the question. It was because of your tuition class that I was able to consistently attain good grades for Maths from Year 10 onwards! I wish you well and you are the BEST MATHs TUTOR! All the best to you Sir !

Teh Ern Xuan, Petaling Jaya

Note from Ern Xuan's Mother – “Hi Jonathan, sorry for this long message. I told Ern Xuan that we should write you a glowing testimonial as that’s the least we could do!  I’m so thankful that I signed her up for your Addmaths and Maths tuition!  As a typical parent, it’s my hope that my child does well in her studies, but more importantly, I want her to develop confidence. As Ern Xuan was always struggling with Maths in primary school, confidence was something she severely lacked when it came to the subject. Instead, there was a lot of fear and resistance. Those were the days! Imagine my surprise when she told me in Year 10 that she ‘kinda like Maths now’ after just one month in your class! It was even more SURPRISING and JAW-DROPPING that she improved in leaps and bounds and went on to top her cohort in Addmaths that year!  WHAT A TRANSFORMATION! That achievement really boosted her confidence and I cannot thank you enough! 🙏 Ern Xuan and I will always have the greatest respect and admiration for you. Please continue with your good work and mould young minds!”

Mr. Jonathan is my one and only tuition teacher since the start of my PT3 year until the end of SPM. I’ve trusted him since day 1 as I’ve seen the immense differences he’s made to my grades. I wasn’t perfect in maths during my PT3 days as my grades weren’t consistent. That’s when my dad decided to seek help from him. Since then, he has helped me by brushing up my skills and lessening the amount of careless mistakes I used to make. At last, I scored distinctions throughout the whole year and even for PT3. He made me LOVE maths and encouraged me to challenge myself more, hence that’s why I decided to take Add Maths. Under him, I’ve NEVER EVER failed Add Maths in my entire life. Although in the beginning I could only achieve Cs and Ds but I still stayed with him because I, myself could see that I was improving day by day. Class by class. AND HONESTLY, his tips are always ON POINT. If he says “That’s coming out”, then it DEFINITELY is coming out. I have seen the improvements he’s made to me and others as well. I scored A+ for Maths throughout the whole year and was always getting better grades for Add Maths after every exam. In the end, for my SPM, I scored an A+ for Maths and an A for Add Maths. With that, I can’t thank him enough. I couldn’t have done it without him. A little extra thing that he does for me that I truly appreciate is that he gives me tips and motivates me for other subjects as well. Hence why my SPM results were balanced out and outstanding. (8As 1B+) I totally recommend him if you’re looking for a great tutor, especially for Maths and Add Maths. Even the learning environment is comfortable, enjoyable and full of laughter. He is not only a great tutor but he has also become a best friend to me. That is why I recommend Mr. Jonathan for your children’s future. Thank you, Mr Jonathan for absolutely EVERYTHING. :) <3

Compared to other teachers, Mr. Jonathan was able to help me understand the concepts of the subject well. I was quite a slow learner in Additional Mathematics and struggled to perceive in many chapters. However with his patient and determined guidance, he encouraged me to never give up and to push myself to succeed as he told me that it was not too late to score in my IGCSE
examinations. True enough, by attending his classes diligently and asking questions regularly, I was able to attain an A* in my 2018 May/June exams. He is truly a teacher who cares for his students in helping them to obtain good results and wellbeing.

By the end of the first month of my Year 10, I was getting worried.Being barely able to understand the concepts of Addmaths is definitely not that I could imagine.Besides,it is every student's dream for a full set of distinctions.This was when I decided to join Mr. Jonathan's class.
My first lesson was certainly the most memorable one.Having barely know about much topics taught in class,Mr Jonathan sprang into action."Funtions : Domain of function is all the possible input of x and Range is all the possible output of y" was a common heard phrase in the class.Such teaching methods allowed me to remember crucial mathematical applications and prevent detrimental mind blanks during class work,assignments and most importantly ,exams.Such concepts are so firmly rooted in me that I still hear Mr.Jonathan's voice in my head each time I do functions related questions.
However,if you learn conceptually and hate memory work,do not fret ! Mr. Jonathan will definitely clarify all your doubts regarding any Mathematics topic.Not sure why the gradient of the normal is the negative reciprocal of the gradient of a line ? Mr. Jonathan will use a wide variety of methods,from detailed explanation with graphs, to algebraic formulae manipulation. Every student will surely learn Mr. Jonathan active teaching classes.
Regardless of who you are,your learning style or preferences, Mr.Jonathan is undoubtedly one of the best tutor to improve your grades. Lessons are not only allow me to catch up or go ahead of school class, but also reaffirm my existing concepts.Being able to shoot up from my near fails to both grade A* (Maths 98 and Addmaths 96) in 2017 Oct/Nov IGCSE exam.Big 'Thank you' to Mr Jonathan.

Mr. Jonathan's passion towards Maths is evident in his teaching.I never fail to be inspired by his stories and experiences that have moulded him and how he applies and relates them to Maths, providing food for thought after every lesson.His teaching opens doors you never knew existed.He offers glimpses into strange possibilities when Maths can applied - a diverse range from engineering science to corporate surveys among others.His teaching methods are really unique and interesting - using inspirational, personal stories and analogies to make a strong and memorable statement.You can't help but look at Maths in an increasingly favourable light under his tutelage.
Besides his interesting way of teaching, he provides additional help after class or even through WhatsApp to those who need it, to ensure complete understanding of any concepts and questions.It is his dedication that fuels this drive in me to achieve better grades.Mr Jonathan certainly gets you results - he is one of the most dedicated tutor I have encountered in which he places so much of commitment on his students' learning progress.
Under his guidance, I developed immensed understanding and appreciation for Maths as Mr. Jonathan is one tutor who explains all these formulae which many of us merely apply without wondering the workings behind it.He will painstakingly guide you through your learning,giving you numerous tips, tricks and strategems you have never encountered before with regard to handling the exam,breaking challenging questions into simple steps, and even the proper thought process when doing certain questions.I find it hard to believe that other Maths tutors will take the enormous effort needed to develop an entirely novel paradigm of study Maths while he prepares a methodical and step-by-step outline for basically every type of question foe each topic can be as short as two A4 pages.Its exactly what you're supposed to have in your brain before entering examination laid out nicely in physical representation.
Under his tutelage, I obtained grade A* for Maths and Additional Maths in IGCSE May/June examinations.If you're looking for a tutor that will pique your interest in Maths,take the necessary time to strengthen your shaky understanding of Maths or even transform Maths into a positively easy subject,Mr. Jonathan is unequivocally your number one choice.Aloha to Mr. Jonathan - my great mentor.

Kim Yung Ah

I was a 13-year-old student in Year 9 when I decided to begin learning Additional Mathematics early. Having little to no prior knowledge of the subject, I enlisted Mr Jonathan's help in mid-2015. Hating the subject, I gave him no less than a living hell every class, and yet he still took the effort to teach a stubborn student like yours truly. I took his lessons once a week, with breaks during holiday periods, and in total had 10 months worth of classes with him. In that 10 months, I managed to master the concepts and ideas of the entire syllabus thanks to his help. Sitting for the Additional Mathematics IGCSE paper in May/June 2016, I managed to get an A*(94) for his subject. I must say that Mr Jonathan is among the most dedicated teachers I know, and is certainly a tutor, a great mentor, for students wishing to take the subjects he teaches.

Having failed the first term Additional Maths test in Form 4,it was a constant fear burgeoning in me as there was a high probability of me failing the subject at the 2016 SPM exam !
I have have had my own fair share of private tutors,especially for Maths,since the beginning of Form 1,but all of them deemed me as a hopeless case and gave up on me.It was only when I entered the private tuition class of Mr Jonathan before my grades started improving vastly.I eventually achieved a 'C' for my Form 4 mid term and a 'B' for the year end examination respectively.
Patient and dedicated,Mr Jonathan would always explain the concepts and solution in great details no matter how long it took and he never gave up on a student despite how slow their improvement progress might be.He taught with great vigor,in class,making sure the student understood the concepts and rationale behind each step before moving on.The confidence he had in each and every student was heartwarming.
Joining up Mr Jonathan's tuition class was extremely serendipitous after I bumped into the portal.I obtained 9 'A's and a 'B' in the 2016 SPM exam including an 'A+' for Maths and 'A' for Additional Maths that just released a moment ago.I couldn't wait to pen down my words of appreciations to MrJonathan.I am very thankful to have him as my tutor.I wish you the best of luck.

I was struggling Year 10 Mathematics and Additional Maths student when I first joined Jonathan's tuition class.At first I was skeptical about the whole thing-how was Jonathan's tuition any different from others,who likewise claimed to produce excellent results in their students ?

However overtime he proved his ability - his different approach with his own formulas and shortcuts renewed my interest in the subjects.I was startled by how Jonathan's method helped me to comprehend maths easily.His continuous encouragement and aid spurred me on and it was with disbelief that from an F9 score during the first mid-year exams,my results shot up to an A* for my IGCSE 2015 June examinations.

Mr Jonathan is a very experienced tutor who understands the subjects very well.He is able to educate through many creative techniques which captures and delivers the essence of the mathematical concepts,thus bringing the subject to life,allowing it to grow within us as we grow with it.Thus ,I would highly recommend him to anyone who seeks to achieve for he has provided obvious positive results countless times.

Thank you Sir Jonathan.

Mr Jonathan is a very humorous yet sarcastic person whether he knows it or not !

He conducts the class in a very organized manner by giving complete and understandable notes during the lessons.His notes and questions are sufficient for students to face the examinations.His mode of teaching helps students to understand,interprete and solve in the simplest yet comprehensive ways.

He even conducted basic and extra class tirelessly by paying special attention for those who are not strong in Maths foundation concepts.His punctuality is so impressed that second to none in which sometime he arrived the class earlier than students ! I think this is possibly due to his passion towards Mathematics and enjoy the every moments when he is making an effort to impart knowledge to the students.

He emphasized the idea of time-management and smart examination strategy that he make sure the classes are on schedule.He made it a point that notification to students are done if there are changes to the pre-set class schedule.He makes proper arrangement for the replacement class so as to fit in best time and date for the students.This itself has thought us the lessons of time-management which is beyond the SPM level !

With the ever presence of advance technology,he creates social media group that serve as the platform for students to have discussion and exchanging ideas.He even posted questions for the students and frequently assisted students in school based homework and assignments.He compiled past year questions from other states and schools with adequate working steps and suggested marking schemes.

The amazing thing is he tries to answer every possible question posted to him through social media even in the middle of the night ! He is a tutor with the unbelievable level in patience and tolerance.His class has never been boring to say,as he even injected materials on aptitude,riddle and jokes in the class.Its real fun and truly enjoy every minute of the class.This will stay on as fond memories for me.

I scored A+ for Mathematics and Additional Maths in SPM 2014 and currently is attending a foundation program in Australia.My highest gratitude and regards to Sir Jonathan.Happy Father's Day !

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