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16th August 2017

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Primary, Form 1 - 3, Form 4 - 5

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Bahasa Malaysia

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Petaling Jaya
Pantai Dalam
Old Klang road

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Flexible time (8.00 am to 11.00pm)

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Primary ( Rm 20-Rm 30)
PT3 ( Rm30-Rm40)
SPM (Rm 40-Rm 50)

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Bachelor of Science (physics)
Master of Science (Solid state Physics)
Currently a PhD student
Was a tuition center teacher since 2015 in teaching Mathematics Form 4 and Form 5, Mathematics and Science for Year 4 students.
Self Description
My passion is to teach others and i love to share the knowledge i have. I love science since I am a kid and now I'm still seeking the opportunities in learning something new. I have strong basics and knowledge in science especially in Physics since I have Bachelor and Master in science. I have flexible time in teaching your children.


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Tutor Jonathan KY  019-3226385 (MATHS & SCIENCE For All Levels)

Subject: I am a full time tutor with GREAT AMOUNT OF EXPERIENCE, PATIENCE AND PASSION for ...

Location: Bandar Sri Damansara, Desa Park City, Desa Jaya, Selayang, Petaling Jaya, TTDI, ...

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Tutor Sathiavathy Pakiam Gunaratnam

Subject: English

Location: Klang or Online

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Tutor Indumathi Sellaperumal

Subject: Mathematics

Location: Im teaching online and Offline:Cyberjaya, Putrajaya