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30th May 2017

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Tuition Level

Primary, Form 1 - 3, Form 4 - 5, STPM, Others

Tuition Subjects

Maths, Science, Biology, Chemistry, Add maths, English

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Puchong, Petaling jaya, Subang jaya, Sri Kembangan
Other location negotiable with tuition rates.

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Preferable Rate

Primary level: RM40 per hour
Form 1 - 3: RM45 per hour
Form 4-5: RM50 per hour
IGCSE year 6-9: RM60 per hour
IGCSE year 10 and above: RM65 per hour
STPM: RM60 per hour
Basic adult Chinese or English conversation: RM60 per hour

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SPM: 9As
STPM: 3.92
Bachelor Degreen in Biohealth Science (University of Malaya): 3.82
I have been an English tutor in Korea for half a year. I also have been a teaching assistant for primary level. Currently I'm teaching primary level(bc, English, maths, science), pt3 (science, maths, English writing and speaking), spm (maths, biology, chemistry), IGCSE (maths, science).
Self Description
I'm a full time tutor that can contribute all my time to focus on teaching and homework guidance. Different students have different effective way of learning. Thus, I will first study the problems of the student facing and apply some teaching techniques that can help the students effectively. I will try my best to help the students to achieve the best result in their academics.


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