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Tuition Subjects

Standard 3 and standard 5
both need bahasa melayu, bahasa cina and maths subject


seksyen 17, pj,


4 class(es) a week


3 hour(s) a class


RM35/ hour for std 5
RM30/hour for std 3

1.5 hour/ lesson/each std 5 and std 3
one week 2 lesson for each standard 3 and standard 5

RM35 x 1.5hr x 2times x 4 weeks = 420
RM30 x 1.5 hr x 2 times x 4 weeks = 360
total RM 780/ month

commission RM 390


kindly email contact

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Must be FULL TIME or School Teacher . NO college part time student

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Posted Date
2013-09-04 14:47:23
*Beware of any kind of advance/deposit collection. It might be a scam. Tutor shall realise the potential risks. Check Blacklisted Job Poster

VIP Tutor
Tutor Jonathan KY  019-3226385 (MATHS & SCIENCE For All Levels)

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Tutor Sathiavathy Pakiam Gunaratnam

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