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maths , science, bm , bi, mandarin


23th Nov KL Selangor JOBS, Selangor


1 class(es) a week


2 hour(s) a class



23th Nov 2018
whatsapp JOB ID & Subjects to 0124449510 to apply, for more jobs, visit >>> to apply jobs.


Jalan Selar 17/26, Seksyen 17, Shah Alam, Selangor
Mandarin. Form 1 & 2 (2 in 1 class).
RM55/hour. 1.5 hours/ week. RM330/month.
Any days start 10am. (For Dec only).
Any days start 8pm. (After school start).
Chinese tutor. Start Dec.

NOTE: 2 days per week in December. 1 day per week after school start.


taman pantai indah KL (will go to tutor's place)
Degree in accountancy Quantitative Analysis for Business (Universiti Malaya) (exam 10.01.2019)
RM80/hour. 1.5 hour/week. RM480/month
Monday 8pm-10pm OR Saturday between 1pm-3pm
prefer Female, start December


Ara Damansara, 47309 PJ
Mandarin, HSK Level 3. 6 YO.
RM80/hour. 1 day x 1.5 hour/week. RM480/month
Thursday/ Friday after 5:30pm. (Can be until 9pm?)
MUST be qualified Chinese tutor for HSK and a native speaker. Start ASAP.


USJ 3A, Subang
Math standard 6 SJK(C)
RM45/hour. 1.5hours/week. RM270/month.
Wed 7:30pm-9pm
Prefer Chinese Female, experienced and patience tutor. Start ASAP


Kg terachi, k. Pilah,negeri sembilan
Science, mandarin Std 3 2019, SJK(C)
RM40/hour. 2 hours/week. RM320/month
Saturday OR Sunday from 9am-11am or 2pm-4pm
Prefer Male tutor . start Dec

note: same tutor to handle 2 subject


Klang Valley, Kepong
English Form 1-Form 3 (tuition Centre Job)
Rate: RM50-60/hr
Day & time: Wednesday, 1hr per week for each Form
Tutor’s race & gender: Chinese
Other requirements: experienced tutor able to teach small group tuition. (about 10 students per class)
Student’s race & gender: Chinese


SS18, Subang Jaya
Mandarin std 2 SJKC
RM40/hour. 1.5hours/week. RM240/month

Science & Maths std 2 SJKC
RM40/hour. 2hours/week. RM320/month

Monday to Thursday between 2.30 to 5.30pm
Chinese Female, start Jan 2019. (request trial class at December)


Damansara, PJ
BM Year 7 & Year 10 IGCSE (2 in 1 class)
RM65/hour. 1.5hour/week. RM390/month
Wednesday at 6pm-7.30pm
prefer Chinese tutor , Must be responsible. Prepare tutor material for students and not simply ask parents to get any tutoring material. start ASAP.


Season Garden Residence, Seksyen 10, Wangsa Maju, 53300 KL
English Grade 5 IB
RM50/hour. 1.5hours/week. RM300/month.
Tuesday OR Wednesday between 8pm-10pm
Prefer Female, start December

note: request paid trial class

whatsapp JOB ID & Subjects to 0124449510 to apply, for more jobs, visit >>> to apply jobs.

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Ms Tan (Posted Job) (1 review)

Posted Date
2018-11-23 17:30:35
*Beware of any kind of advance/deposit collection. It might be a scam. Tutor shall realise the potential risks. Check Blacklisted Job Poster

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