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maths , science, bm , bi, mandarin


25th Jul KL Selangor JOBS, Kuala Lumpur


1 class(es) a week


2 hour(s) a class



25th Jul 2018

whatsapp JOB ID & Subjects to 0124449510 to apply, for more jobs, visit >>> to apply jobs.


Desa Park City
maths & chinese std 2 & std 3 (separate class)
RM40/hour. 2 days x 3hours/week. RM960 month.
Mon, Wed, Fri between 2pm-6pm
Chinese Female ONLY. must be experience, dont want fresh tutor.

note: back to back class (1.5 hour each student)


PHYSICS (in English) form 5
RM50/hour. 1.5hours/week. RM300/month
Thur between 2.15pm-6pm , Sat, Sun all day available
female ONLY, start ASAP. sent profile


Medan Damansara (behind Victoria Station restaurant, near Pusat Damansara MRT Station)
BM std 5
RM40/hour. 1.5hours/week. RM240/month.
Monday – 4.30pm-6pm (preferred), Sunday btw 9am-11am.
No preferred race, Female ONLY. Must be good /creative at teaching kids.
start ASAP. sent profile

Note: will increase to twice a week when after sch activities finished for the year.


Jalan Adang U8/17, Bukit Jelutong, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor.
Bahasa Malaysia. Std 1. National syllabus. Indian girl.
RM40/hour. 1hour/week. RM160/month.
Monday Tuesday after 5pm to 9pm
female tutor only.
start ASAP. Need to send profile.

note: No need to follow syllabus but focus on basic.


Bandar Mahkota cheras
English std 1 & std 4 (3 in 1 class)
RM60/hour. 1.5hours/week. RM360/month.
saturday between 11am-1pm
prefer chinese/ foreigner /indian, prefer male
start august. sent profile,

note: during the tuition time tutor must communicate with student with english .
the student is not focus and very forgetful tutor must be very patient


Jln Ipoh, KL (Near Chong Hwa school)
IGCSE Accounting for year 11
RM80/hour. 1.5 hours/week. RM 480/month.
Monday or Tuesday 5pm-6.30pm ,
no preferred gender & race, as long as is tutor is patient & experience .start asap. sent profile

note: student is slow learner


Jalan SG 8/12, Puncak Gombak, Taman Seri Gombak 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor
A-level economic
RM100/hour. 3 days x2 hours/week. RM2400/month.
Monday btw 2pm-5pm, Saturday and Sunday btw 10am-5pm
preferably female. no preferred race. start ASAP.
sent profile.


Jalan Tijani 2, Bukit Tunku, Kuala Lumpur
Business, Maths, Bio, English IGCSE year 11. Cempaka International
RM80/hour. 2 days x 2 hours/week. RM1280/month
Mon-Fri 4-7pm, (preferred) Sat -Sun 3pm-7pm
Open race , prefer Female. start Aug. sent profile


jalan UP 3/3, puncak ukay,taman ukay perdana,68000 ,Ampang
Add Math, Fizik, Chemistry, Bio (DUAL language) form 5
RM60/hour. 4 days x 1.5hours/week. RM1440/month
Monday – Thursday 8pm-9.30pm
no preferred race, female ONLY, tutor must be experience & familiar with the SPM syllabus. start ASAP.


Jalan SP5A/10, Laman Granview, Saujana Puchong.
Physics (in English) – Form 5
RM55/hour. 1.5 hours/week. RM330/month.
Thursday (prefer) 3pm-6pm / tuesday 7:30-9:00pm
prefer female. start ASAP.

note: prefer SPM fresh graduate 19-23 YO.if no female tutor male tutor is still possible.


Pangsapuri Mawar, Kinrara, Puchong Jaya.
Mandarin std 4
RM35/hour. 1.5hours/week. RM210/month
every Friday 4pm to 5.30pm.
Chinese female, ONLY start ASAP. sent profile.


Mutiara Upper East Condo B-08-3A, Jalan 1/76 Desa Pandan
math n neat handwriting (in english). 7YO
RM40/hour. 2 x 1 hours/week. RM320/month.
Every Mon btwn 9am- 1pm , 5pm-9pm, Every Wednesday btw 4.30pm-7pm
**Fr 27 August onwards (if satisfactory tutor):
Every Wed start btw 4.30pm-7pm
no preferred race or gender, start ASAP.

note :
1) The tuition period is 1/2 time for handwriting practise and 1/2 time for maths. Pls also give him daily homework set for the rest of the week except saturday and sunday.
After his handwriting improves (1-2 mths time), tutor can just concentrate on maths
2) him to do more practise in maths (addition double digits, subtraction double digits, multiplication, fraction, problem solving) based on Singapore maths curriculum.
3) will add Singapore maths after holiday period (rm60/hour )


Jalan Indah Jaya 1/A, Taman Indah Jaya, 68000 Ampang
Pyhsic, Bio, Bm form 4
RM50/hour. 3 days x 1.5 hour/week. RM900/month
Wednesday, Thursday after 2pm-10pm, Saturday anytime b4 7pm.
Chinese tutor. Start August


Desacoalfield Sg Buloh
maths, std 1 & 2 (3 kids, seperate class)
RM40/hour. 2 days x 2 hours/week. RM640/month
Tuesday, Thursday or weekends upon availability
Chinese female only. Start August. sent profile

note: 3 kids 40 minute each, back to back class


Bandar Sri Damansara
Mandarin, english std 5
RM45/hour. 2 days x 1.5hours/week. RM540/month.
Monday Friday 2.30pm-6pm
prefer Chinese, Female ONLY
must be experience tutor, start ASAP. sent profile

note; student is weak at grammar & essay.


Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam
Maths, English. Year 7 IGCSE. Malay girl.
RM65/hour. 1.5hour/week. RM390/month
Friday afternoon or weekdays night.
No preference.
start ASAP. send profile.

whatsapp JOB ID & Subjects to 0124449510 to apply, for more jobs, visit >>> to apply jobs.

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2018-07-25 17:53:29
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