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maths , science, bm , bi, mandarin


9th Apr KL Selangor JOBS, Selangor


1 class(es) a week


2 hour(s) a class



9th April 2018

whatsapp JOB ID & Subjects to 0124449510 to apply, for more jobs, visit >>> to apply jobs.


USJ 5, Subang Jaya.
BM. Std 4. SJKC Lick Hung. Chinese boy.
RM40/hour. 1.5 hours/week. RM240/month.
Mon / Tue 3pm only.
Chinese / Malay female tutor only. Start ASAP.


Taman Tasek Indah, Jalan Ipoh, Batu 5, KL,

A) BI, BC,.Std 6. SJKC. Chinese Girl.
RM40/hour. 2 hours/week. RM320/month.
Thurs 7.30 – 9 pm / Sat 4 – 6 pm / 5 – 7 pm. (Preferably)
Experience full time Chinese tutor. Start ASAP.

NOTE: Need to send profile. If found BI only then may consider take 1 subject for 2 hours.

B) BC, English, Math, Science. Std 4. Chinese boy.
RM40/hour. 2 days x 2 hours/week. RM640/month.
Mon – Wed : 7 – 9 pm.
Experience full time Chinese tutor who can able to tackle with kid attitude. Start May.

NOTE: Need to send profile.


Margosa Garden, Bandar Sri Damansara.
Mandarin, Math, Science. Std 2. Pvt school. National syllabus. Sri Bestari.
RM40/hour. 3 days x 1.5hours/week. RM720/month.
Mon – Wed 430pm onwards.
Female tutor only. Start May.

NOTE: Homework guidance and tuition.


Desa Petaling.
English. Std 4. SJKC.
RM40/hour. 1.5 hours/week. RM240/month.
Tuesday or Saturday 5.30-7pm only.
Preferably Chinese female school teacher who must good in English and can teach English writing only. Start May.


Taman Lestari Putra 3, Lestari Putra, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor. (Nearby Equine park.)
BM, BC. Std 1. SJKC. Chinese girl.
RM40/hour. 2 days x 1.5hours/week. RM240/month.
Mon / Tue : 7pm onwards.
Strict and firm female tutor only. Start ASAP.

NOTE: Tutor who can be teach BI, Math, Science. BM can accept other race.


Jalan Setia Damai U13/15E, Setia Alam, 40170 Shah Alam
chemistry n physics. Form 5
RM60/hour. 2 hours/week. RM480/month
Thurs 6-8pm ONLY.
Need experienced tutor. send profile.


Setia Walk Puchong.
Business Management, Computer Graphic & Software (IT). Taylor’s college – Diploma in Event Management
RM80/hour. 1.5 hours/week. RM480/month.
Mon, Tue, Thurs 8 – 10 pm. (Prefer 830 – 10pm)
Experienced and good tutor / teacher only. Start ASAP. Need to send profile.
Indian lecturer only.


Jalan Seri Beringin 2, Damansara Heights
BM, BI, BC, Maths. 6 YO & Std 2 (2 in 1 class). SJKC.
RM50/hour. 4 days x 2 hours/week. RM1600/month.
Tuesday – Friday 5 – 7 pm only.
Experienced and good tutor only. Start ASAP.


Taman Tasek Indah, Jalan Ipoh, Batu 5, KL,

A) Bi, BM, Math, Science, Std 4, SJKC. Chinese boy.
RM40/hour. 2 days x 2hours/week. RM640/month.
Tues, Thurs: 7-9 pm.

B) English. Std 6 (if you can teach BC is good too)
RM40/hour. 2 hours/week. RM320/month
Saturday 4-6pm ONLY

Experience Chinese female full-time tutor ONLY. Start ASAP.
note: Need to send profile.


Seksyen 32, Bukit Rimau, Shah Alam.
Science. Form 1. UEC. Chinese girl.
RM60/hour. 1.5hours/week. RM360/month.
Thursday after 8 pm / Saturday from 12 – 2 pm / 8.30 pm onwards.
Chinese female tutor only. Start ASAP.

whatsapp JOB ID & Subjects to 0124449510 to apply, for more jobs, visit >>> to apply jobs.

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Ms Tan (Posted Job) (1 review)

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2018-04-09 18:49:43
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